Become data-centric with Heroku Enterprise Platform


Customer facing apps can produce a lot of data, especially for B-to-C use cases. Let’s say you have 1 million users for one Heroku Enterprise mobile app, it’s a great opportunity to become “data-centric“.

Heroku Enterprise lets you COLLECT, STORE and ANALYZE:

  • how your app is used by your clients, how you could improve the app itself
  • any interesting data about your clients, how much Business, how to improve

How does it work?

Have you heard about “Hadoop”, “MapReduce” or “NoSQL”? These powerful (and complex) data technologies let manage trillions of records.

Focus on Insights, Not Infrastructure

One simple Heroku add-on, TREASURE DATA, lets you implement “Big data as a service”, in a couple of minutes:

  • activate the add-on
  • push JSON records
  • pay-as-you-go (fixed & clear volume-based pricing)

The platform manages 500,000 requests / second for major Heroku Enterprise clients and stores securely more than 10 trillion of records.

Check it out: