Extend your business on Heroku


Today, 40% of our projects are about extending Salesforce CRM capabilities for employees or extending business processes with Heroku Enterprise.

User-friendly and scalable
Heroku is not only a great platform for building customer facing apps, it’s also extraordinarily user friendly and scalable. We’ve been building lots of customer portals, mobile customer engagement and B-to-C apps with Heroku.

Build employee apps on Heroku
Salesforce Platform and Force.com technology are amazing tools for SMBs and large enterprises alike. The platform can be used by thousands of employees from different business units, scales, and it provides a 360° vision of your customers. Sales, Marketing, Service and business processes are merged into the platform.

Business applications on Heroku provides great efficiency and ROIOffline, connected employee apps
Creating and running your business applications, building employee apps or CRM extensions, on the Heroku platform can also provide great efficiency and ROI in a variety of ways.

Keeping the specific needs, clients, and processes of each business in mind, today’s connected companies can consider using Heroku Enterprise as a complement to Salesforce CRM, depending on the complexity and specificity:  

  • Stay agile: keep a precise centralized Salesforce back-end, and provide flexible extensions to your users with specific Heroku apps

  • Keep the same global Platform Vision and Trust:  Employees are authenticated with their Salesforce credentials

  • Avoid managing millions of lines of code on Force.com: Otherwise deployment would become complicated and refactoring may be difficult. Your can build on Heroku Enterprise with any programming language and have access to advanced developer tools

Building and running your business applications on Heroku gives advanced features:Sylpheo-Heroku-devopment

  • Mobile – build responsive apps with a large choice of languages and frameworks, and get back all your current apps on the same trusted Heroku platform. Cross-platform deployment is simple and automatic

  • Offline – web apps can run with great offline capabilities (local storage). Data will sync once connectivity is back

  • Connected – take advantage of Heroku Connect and Salesforce API to sync your data and launch workflows

Extend your business with a Heroku partner

So if you need a mobile quick-order app for salespeople on-the-move, an app for a specific process, a tradeshow offline ipad app… Or complementary datastores linked to your CRM data but specific enough that it can’t be stored in Salesforce…

Consider both Force.com / Lightning and Heroku Enterprise. And, of course, contact your friendly neighbourhood Heroku partner.