The Financial Times scoops the competition in the digital age

The Financial Times scoops the competition in the digital age


Financial Times is probably the most recognisable newspaper in the world. It has been offering business news and analysis for 125 years. Today, the FT has more digital subscribers than print subscribers.

The newspaper’s digital transformation for readers has been accompanied by changes in the organization’s processes.

Just one platform: Salesforce
Salesforce is used by many employees, including ad sales teams, journalists, and back-office personnel. This has given the FT the ability to use just one platform – Salesforce, meaning:

– more cost-effective to maintain and support

– users only have to log into one place

The company uses a number of Salesforce solutions to answer a variety of needs:

  • Sales Cloud to track advertiser contact information and sales activities. Plus to manage subscriber data. And it will soon move its billing system into Salesforce

  • call center agents use Service Cloud to track issues and resolve them quickly

  • Salesforce1 Platform to power the website for the company’s popular consumer luxury lifestyle magazine, How to Spend It

Plus the Financial Times has also moved many of its systems , including contracts, directories, IT help desk, and order management from legacy platforms into Salesforce.

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Salesforce1 Platform development

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