Heroku + Nibs +iBeacon

New Heroku + Nibs + iBeacon – new fork published


Just published on Github: new fork which adds iBeacon to Heroku + Nibs.

The project is opensource, on Github at: https://github.com/Sylpheo/nibs-­ibeacon

Heroku + Nibs
We’ve seen how Nibs gives seamless integration with your business data when you connect Nibs to Salesforce using Heroku Connect.

See our blog from December 8: Heroku + Nibs – build great apps for customer engagement apps

Heroku + Nibs + iBeacon
Heroku + Nibs enable you to create apps that boost customer engagement and integrate customer data. Our new fork adds geolocalisation functionality to this platform.

iBeacon adds geolocalisation
iBeacon on Heroku enables a business to geolocalize a customer in an interior space: hotel, store, leisure facility… . This means opening up new possibilities for precise, amazingly targeted marketing and loyalty actions.

What’s the use case for Heroku + Nibs + iBeacon?
Imagine being able to send guests a welcome text the moment they step into your hotel. Or shop.

It means being able to guide shoppers through their purchase, or sending them a promotion message or customer loyalty reward if they’re near a certain counter, product or attraction… Plus you capture all that data.

Find the project on Github at: https://github.com/Sylpheo/nibs-­ibeacon

Nibs - Heroku: architecture for customer-facing apps

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