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Salesforce Intranet – Employee Community Builder & Lightning Out


Salesforce Intranet – Employee Community Builder & Lightning Out

The Winter16 version of Salesforce has been available to clients for several weeks. It brings several major advances – particularly for the creation or development of an Intranet.

Employee Community Builder

The templates in Community enable a business to customise an intranet, extranet… and to generate a ‘responsive’ portal in the company’s colours. Two major feature advances are:

  • The ability to drag & drop all Lightning components into this framework via Community Builder, opening up the potential use cases.
  • The possibility to integrate tabs and components related to objets.

This is significant for partner or client portals, but equally for the ‘Employee Community’ – for a rich intranet, connected to the business.

Elsewhere, content management via Knowledge has been improved, resulting in a CMS which is ever-more efficient at managing articles, languages and versions. The ‘rich text’ editor is similarly improved, enabling the direct integration of media and the ability to access the source code.

Documentation :

Lightning Out

Lightning Out enables the integration of a Lightning component into any external website. SAP portal ? Drupal intranet? Heroku application? The component is integrated in just few lines of code, authenticated (OAuth / SSO) et secured.

Incidentally, this same functionality is also available for Visualforce as means of integrating these new components into a ‘VF’ Community portal, for example. :

Announcement of Lightning Out at Dreamforce :

Two strategies for using Lightning:

Build in Salesforce Community Cloud or make components available to external view. New possibilities for your Salesforce  intranet !

About Lightning

Lightning denotes the recent Salesforce evolutions which have accelerated development or improved the interface; in particular, the arrival in recent weeks of the new ‘Lightning experience’ interface. The platform enables a business to develop applications based around a collection of (Lightning) components and not exclusively on Visualforce pages.

These components are independent of each other – a Lightning application built via Lightning App Builder can unite these components to work together. What’s more, Community builder allows the use of these components in a portal, and Lightning Out allows them to be used on an external site.

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