Sylpheo named Most Innovative Partner at Salesforce World Tour, Paris 2017.


Sylpheo Became A Gold Partner Consulting at the start of 2016. The company was named as Most Innovative Partner of 2016 at the France Salesforce Partners Awards in Paris, June 22 as part of the Salesforce World Tour 2016.


The award recognizes the work and potential of Sylpheo’s technological innovations and expertise, particularly for its work as part of a POP2017. Sylpheo helped the French institute of opinion research to launch POP2017 – the platform for public opinion of the presidential campaign in 2017 – in May 2016 – the platform for public opinion of the presidential campaign in 2017.


Left to right : Jean-François, Florian, Maxime, Elsa, Pierre, Mathias, Aurélien, Elena


The POP2017 website combines the expertise of BVA in opinion polling with Salesforce web monitoring tools (Social Studio), all backed by a community of citizens. The goal of the platform is to get a better understanding of what and how opinions are formed as part of the 2017 presidential campaign. This allowed BVA to win the 2016 OR Trophy in the Social Media / Social Listening category.


BVA can quickly detect trends from the web, see the reaction of French people to various themes and statements from personalities in the campaign. These analyses enable the Institute to offer its partners (including the Regional Daily Press) high value data high added values ​​from the community (opinions, questions for the personalities involved …).


Sylpheo, with its expertise in the Salesforce ecosystem, was able to implement the site hosted on Heroku. Real-time data from the web is centralized and synchronized from Social Studio. The site content is managed in Salesforce. The tool, still evolving, can be 100% managed by users of BVA. It is updated daily and is accompanied by monthly breakfast meetings when voting intention results are published, and personalities involved in the 2017 campaign are invited (Bruno Le Maire, Jean Luc Mélenchon and Nathalie Kosciusko-Morizet have already participated in these events).