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Top 10 Heroku FAQs


What is Heroku?

Heroku is a ‘Cloud’ platform (Platform as a service) which enables clients to develop and host all types of application. The platform is owned by Salesforce – a mark of security, confidentiality and high performance.

All types of application ?

Web, mobile, tablet, iPad, iPhone, Android, B-to-B portal, B-to-C, website, business app, social app, Facebook…

…and benefitting from the latest innovations in development language (Ruby on rails / Python / php / java / Node.js / Ember/ Angular…).


Yes, for specific processes. Even though it’s ‘web’, Heroku you can deliver a very effective offline mode. It’s best to identify and focus this capability where it’s essential.

Is it solid ?

Heroku manages over 5 billion transactions per day, several million applications. At the same time as many add-ons.

Who’s it for?

Heroku provides hosting and effective tools for developers.

What type of businesses?

SMBs (SMEs), large enterpises, start-ups, software editors. Using Heroku enables the business to adapt according to volume, performance, add-ons…

How much time will I spend on managing my servers or my applications?

None. Heroku enables developers to focus on development, on business value .

Link with Salesforce ?

Heroku is a perfect fit with Salesforce CRM, Force.com or Community. For portals, graphical components integrated into the CRM, Internet of Things (IoT) or offline applications, for example – all in ‘responsive design’. For all smartphones, tablets or computers.

How long for development?

It’s possible to create Heroku applications with 5-10 days of development.

Link with Amazon?

Heroku runs on Amazon for its infrastructure, guaranteeing a real ‘elasticity’, and without the need for managing servers. Simply determine the level of ‘power’ you need in Heroku, add plugins (a number) in a few seconds to manage the SSL security, add a database, backup, a Facebook module…

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