Why you need a Heroku app

So you need a customer-facing app. But customer-facing apps are described in different ways:
  • Mobile native apps (iphone, android, windows…)
  • Mobile web apps
  • Customer – responsive & pixel perfect – portals
  • Event web app
  • Responsive landing pages
  • Social app
  • Facebook app
  • and more…

These apps generally need to ensure:

  • Flexibility – iterative process
  • Scaleability – hundreds to millions of users
  • Security – trust is important
  • Efficiency – engage users
  • Reliability – code it right and test, test, test
  • Invisibility – make it become so natural for the users

I love this tech video of Reto Meier about the concepts applied to Android development – He quotes a conference about mobile internet:

Do you have internet on your phones? – NO

Do you use Google or Facebook on your phones? – YES OF COURSE

Such an app often needs a backoffice, or is based on CRM data. This is the part we don’t see at first – we’re  focusing on the app itself. Salesforce CRM and platforms allow us to avoid many issues though. Here are the questions Salesforce platform gives an answer to:

  • How will I get a 360° picture of my users?
  • What’s the R.O.I. of the app?
  • How can I trigger workflows based on user actions?
  • How can I report on users and added value of the app?
  • How can I collaborate on the new generated data?

So in fact, the whole issue becomes very simple. It boils down to this:

You need a Heroku app.

You need a powerful, scaleable Platform, so that you can offer a new amazing, blow-the-socks-off-the-competition service to your clients.

You may connect it to the Salesforce Platform using APIs or Heroku Connect. You’ll need to secure the data, and authenticate the users. You need an Heroku app.

At Sylpheo, our job is to create the right internal or customer-facing apps for our clients. Take a look at our Heroku Partner services.